How Veterans Can Help Their Mitrochondria

Healthier VeteransVeterans of the US army, navy and airforce do an amazing job for the country. They put themselves on the frontline to protect the interests and security of the United States of America.

However, physical injuries and mental conditions can be an unfortunate outcome for service men and women when it comes to Military Health. There are many options available in the healing process which can include highly sophisticated surgery and medicines to basic health advice and manual therapy.

Maybe one possible avenue for a concerned family member or friend of a veteran to look at is their diet. In the last few years there have been some amazing results from the paleo community when it comes to health changes. Some very good examples are the likes of Dr Terry Wahls who has been able to get out her wheelchair from progressive multiple sclerosis, Dr Jack Kruse who has written extensively on his Epi-Paelo diet and treatments like cold thermogenesis and even something as simple as healthy fat in your coffee instead of milk or cream for improved health benefits like this infographic on butter coffee explains.

We are what we eat, drink, think and get exposed to on a regular basis. These doctors are great examples of how we can turn around a bad health situation both physically and mentally. We can look at these people as inspiration to others that there are options out there and the options can be as simple as choosing what you eat with every meal. From there when you have more energy to choose they way you move, to choose the way you think, and so on. The more you can allow your mitrochondria in your cells to produce more ATP energy the better your chance of recovering from a health episode.